2019-08-19 12:01:01

The national association of local authorities of Georgia (NALAG) conducted first local seminar within the framework of the project “Green Tourism and Historical Heritage – a stepping stone for the development of the Black Sea Basin” (GreeTHis)

 Ms. Natya Ghvinashvili, Deputy Executive Director of NALAG, Mrs. Tatiana Bokuchava and Mr. Avtandil Osephaishvili, staff of NALAG conducted the local seminar in Kobuleti. It was attended by the representatives of museums, touristic departments and architectural services from four target municipalities (Lanchkhuti, Poti, Kobuleti and Batumi).

 Mr. Mirian Katamadze, Mayor of Kobuleti and Mr. David Verulidze, Vice Mayor of Kobuleti opened the meeting. Afterwards, the representatives of NALAG made the presentation about the project.

 As it was noted at the meeting, the project aims to promote the development of historical green tourism in the Black Sea region, by creating joint online catalogue, popularization of the tourist destinations of Georgia and technical-economic research of historical heritage monuments for creating better environment for investment.

 As stated by the representatives of NALAG, within the framework of the project will be created a virtual guide for local population and tourists. It will include information, such as: visual material of specific buildings and monuments, flora and fauna, climatic conditions, natural reserves and protected areas. In addition, will be prepared a roadmap for historical tourism for the popularization of the Black Sea tourist destinations of Georgia.

 Within the framework of the project is planned a site visit to Kintrishi, which is located in Kobuleti municipality. The aim of the visit is to prepare materials for the virtual guide and to promote its tourist destination.

 The project “Green Tourism and Historical Heritage – a stepping stone for the development of the Black Sea Basin” (GreeTHis) brings together partners from 6 countries: Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Greece, Georgia and Romania. It is implemented by the Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities (UBBSLA) in cooperation with NALAG. It was launched in 2018 and will last until 2021